The Fish & The Plastic

An Environmental Edutainment Show For The Whole Family

We support producers of environmental protection events, inform and convey what plastic waste means for our oceans and wildlife by presenting the problems and solutions in a visually appealing and entertaining show.

In the past years, great attention was paid to the importance of plastic waste in the oceans. A lot of unnecessary plastic is produced, we have to learn to deal better with disposal. 6 million tons of plastic flow into the oceans every year. The plastic breaks down into micro-parts and is taken up by birds and fish in the food chain. We must take responsibility for its use and disposal.

“Fish and Plastic” is a 30-minute performance that highlights the problems of plastic waste and introduces solutions to the audience, but all in a fun and colorful way. The program is presented with comedy, juggling and amazing acrobatics.

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“ We were very pleased with the performance here in the Refsnes kindergarten. An incredibly touching, entertaining and educational show for the kids. (Tears and goosebumps for the adults).  ”
Refsnes Kindergarten, Moss (Norway)

When we created the show, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Why does plastic end up in the oceans?
  • How does this affect all living things underwater and along the coast?
  • What can be done to stop this?
  • How can we present this in an entertaining way and with clear images.

It is our mission that every child and adult can answer after seeing our interesting,
somewhat sad, but also funny edutainment show.

“ Both children and adults were very satisfied with the performance. It was an important message that was conveyed in a visual and exciting way. The kids said it was really cool theater. “
Managing Director, Blomsterøya Kindergarten, Fredrikstad (Norway)

We perform in schools, kindergartens, bookstores, museums, festivals and wherever the topic of environmental care is appropriate, which in our opinion is basically everywhere!

Booking request
“ Thanks for a great show! Big and small were fascinated. A good mix of different elements that both engaged and excited the children. With famous songs, exciting acrobatics, fascinating light shows and, last but not least, an important message, the time passed quickly and the children could probably have been enthusiastic about this performance for a longer period of time. “
Managing Director, Gråtass Kindergarten, Torp (Norway)

• 27. October 2021 / 14:20 / Gleis 21, 8953 Dietikon (CH)

• 30. October 2021 / 14:20 / Gleis 21, 8953 Dietikon (CH)

Some of the awesome places we have performed this show

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Technical information

Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English, German, French or Norwegian.

Space: Minimum 2.40 metres height, 5 metres wide and 3 metres deep floor space + sufficient space for the audience in front of the stage area.

Tech: We bring our own props, our own speakers, microphones and lights. Everything is battery operated so there’s no need to pull any electricity cables across the stage.

Preparation: Only 30 minutes is needed from arrival on site to get the show ready to start! If our show is part is a festival where other acts are using the show before and after us we can rig everything behind the stage and set everything up in a matter of a few minutes.

Backstage: We appreciate if we can have the room just for ourselves for 30 minutes before the show starts if possible.

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Download PDF Booklet (German)
Fish and plastic in the ocean, Environmental show, Edutainment Show, plastic in the ocean, environment protection show, environment entertainment show
Download PDF Booklet (French)


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” What Chris Pettersen does on the slack rope and on the slackline is breathtaking! “

Wiesbaden Sensor

” The Scandinavian Chris Pettersen balanced with the fishbowl effortlessly over the thin slack wire without even spilling something – a virtuoso feat of holding the balance. He triggers a real storm of applause – the dynamic of his live performance jumps over to the audience. “

The German Variety Magazine

” When Mara Zimmerli rolls herself up on aerial ropes to ever loftier heights, seemingly effortlessly overcoming the laws of gravity, one actually feels transported into another world.

Saarbruecker Newspaper

” In lofty heights, Chris Pettersen demonstrated handstands on the slack wire. While the audience was amazed, the circus artist even took a goldfish in a bowl onto the swaying slack wire while rolling forward. The live performance of the Norwegian GOP Prize Winner is one of the many highlights of the new varieté show. “

German Newspaper

A highlight of the show program is certainly the appearance of the Norwegian Chris Pettersen on the slackrope.

Rheinische Post

“Circus Acrobatics where people hold their breath. The Norwegian Chris Pettersen jumps lightly over the thin slack wire with his goldfish bowl and, together with Mara Zimmerli from Switzerland, delights on a rapidly rotating ladder. Pettersen toured around the world with the famous “Cirque du Soleil”.

WAZ Magazin

” Mara Zimmerli and Chris Pettersen take the audience’s breath away with their rotating ladder!

Wiesbaden magazine

” Mara Zimmerli combines charm and power in her sensual body. Her live performances are seriously funny, varied and entertain according to the values ​​of a true circus artist with heart and devotion.

My Workout Magazin
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