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Crazy imaginative, trendy and close to the zeitgeist. We do circus differently!

More than one act! The win-win deal, we get the most valuable – stage time with your audience. You get up to four versatile acts with one contract and save resources!

Book us as individual show acts or let us guide the audience through the program as characters and weave a red thread into it.

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Desire for light, led light show, LED show, comedy LED, LED, Quick change, LED act, logo

Desire for Light

Comedy LED-act

Fish Fetish, Slack Wire, balance artist, logo

Fish Fetish


Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, Archery Show, Archery Art, Artist Archery, logo

Tomb Raider

Aerial Straps

Aerial Angel Wings, Aerail Angel, angel entertainment, aerial acrobatics, aerial straps, aerial act, angel performance, logo

Aerial Angel

Aerial Straps

Rotor, revolving ladder, aerial ladder, rotating ladder, artistic, logo


Revolving Ladder



Mara and Chris come across as sympathetic to the audience with their innovative and natural way! For this we got the following prizes, among others:

‘Wintergarten Berlin special price’ l Krystallpalast Leipzig
‘Cirque Phenix Award’ l Festival Mondial du Cirque Demain
‘GOP special price’ l Young Stage International Circus Festival

This is your chance to offer visitors something they have never seen before. Whether in the circus, variety show or festival, we make eyes shine! A warm circus duo on and off stage for practically all cases!

Some of the awesome places we have performed

Portfolio Logo, Circus Monti
Switzerland 2009 & 2013
Portfolio Logo, Cirque du Soleil
New York 2010-2011
Portfolio Logo, London Olympics

Olympics Closing Ceremony

London 2012
Portfolio Logo, GOP Variete
Germany 2011-2012
Portfolio Logo, Cirkus Arnardo
Norway 2016 & 2021
Portfolio Logo, Cirque Bouffon
Germany 2017 & 2018
Germany 2018
Portfolio Logo, Talent Artist Agency, Seaside Cirque

Seaside Cirque

England 2015
Portfolio Logo, Norske Talenter

Norway’s Got Talent

Norway 2015
Portfolio Logo, Variete Extra
Germany 2019
Portfolio Logo, Tilburg Kerst Circus

Groot Tilburgs Kerstcircus

Netherlands 2015
Portfolio Logo, Pegasus Variete
Germany 2013 & 2014
Portfolio Logo, Circus Festival Young Stage Basel
Switzerland 2010


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” What Chris Pettersen does on the slack rope and on the slackline is breathtaking! “

Wiesbaden Sensor

” The Scandinavian Chris Pettersen balanced with the fishbowl effortlessly over the thin slack wire without even spilling something – a virtuoso feat of holding the balance. He triggers a real storm of applause – the dynamic of his live performance jumps over to the audience. “

The German Variety Magazine

” When Mara Zimmerli rolls herself up on aerial ropes to ever loftier heights, seemingly effortlessly overcoming the laws of gravity, one actually feels transported into another world.

Saarbruecker Newspaper

” In lofty heights, Chris Pettersen demonstrated handstands on the slack wire. While the audience was amazed, the circus artist even took a goldfish in a bowl onto the swaying slack wire while rolling forward. The live performance of the Norwegian GOP Prize Winner is one of the many highlights of the new varieté show. “

German Newspaper

A highlight of the show program is certainly the appearance of the Norwegian Chris Pettersen on the slackrope.

Rheinische Post

“Circus Acrobatics where people hold their breath. The Norwegian Chris Pettersen jumps lightly over the thin slack wire with his goldfish bowl and, together with Mara Zimmerli from Switzerland, delights on a rapidly rotating ladder. Pettersen toured around the world with the famous “Cirque du Soleil”.

WAZ Magazin

” Mara Zimmerli and Chris Pettersen take the audience’s breath away with their rotating ladder!

Wiesbaden magazine

” Mara Zimmerli combines charm and power in her sensual body. Her live performances are seriously funny, varied and entertain according to the values ​​of a true circus artist with heart and devotion.

My Workout Magazin
Chris Pettersen l Performing Artist l Circus Variete Event Mara Zimmerli l Performing Artist l Circus Variete Event , logo

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