I am spellbound. How did you enchant me? I am spellbound, heart and soul. The fire in my heart burns out of control. I am spellbound. How did you possess me? I am spellbound, all that I am. I’ll never take my eyes off of you again. Magical, enchanting and captivating.

I am fascinated by the purity of the aerial straps. Two simple slings around my wrists allow for so much beauty and pain. The discipline forces me to gather all my strength and bundle my energy to fulfil the moves I want to do. I am driven by the inner focus of maximal strength. It gives me a feeling of awe. Like being chained and breaking free!

Duration of the act 5 min. 30 sec.
Time to set-up during show 30 sec.
Time to take down during show 30 sec.
Time to install everything in a new venue 30 min.
Time to tear everything down after show 15 min.
Anchor Points in ceiling 1 x 10 kN
Min. stage height 4 metres
Min. stage width 3 metres
Min. stage depth 3 metres

All photos by Arthur Häberli