This act titled “Revolution” takes places on the legendary revolving ladder and in essence it tells the story of two people on their quest to find their true soulmates. In the act Mara & Chris are fascinated by each other, and the ladder with its unpredictable motions can be seen as the metaphor for the struggles a couple might face during the different phases of their relationship; always trying to balance your emotions together in a constantly spinning world.
Duration of the act 5 min.
Time to set-up during show 4 min.
Time to take down during show 2 min.
Time to install everything in a new venue 90 min.
Time to tear everything down after show 60 min.
Anchor Points in ceiling 2 x 20 kN
Anchor Points in floor 4 x 20 kN
Min. stage height 5,5 metres
Min. stage width 5,5 metres
Min. stage depth 3 metres