This is the story of two friends named Chris and Michelle. He’s a man. She’s a fish. They used to spend a lot of time together, playing and swimming, but one day Chris got a girlfriend and he spent less and less time with his pet goldfish Michelle. The little fish, feeling a little bit jealous and left out, decides to show her friend that she also want some attention! When Chris comes home, Michelle knows what to do: bite him!

The slackwire becomes the stage for this little short story where Chris balances the difficulties of performing acrobatic skills while at the same time using his acting skills to give life to the bizarre and absurd relationship between his character and the plastic goldfish! When Chris brings the fish bowl with him onto the rope, the audience is not only afraid that the fish might ‘jump out’, but also that Chris might fall and splashing water everywhere!

Tension is in the air between our two characters, but Chris is eager to win back the trust and friendship of his beloved goldfish!

Duration of the act 7 min.
Time to set-up during show 1 min.
Time to take down during show 30 seconds
Time to install everything in a new venue 45-60 min.
Time to tear everything down after show 20 min.
Anchor Points in floor 2 x 10 Kilonewton
Min. stage height 4,5 metres
Min. stage width 8 metres
Min. stage depth 3 metres