‘The Fish & The Plastic’ –
An edutainment show for the whole family.
We help producers of environmental themed events deliver the message of what plastic waste does to our oceans and animal life by wrapping the problems and solutions into a visually appealing and entertaining show.
Over the past year, much attention has been paid to the importance of plastic waste in the oceans. Quantities of unnecessary plastic are produced, we can’t handle the waste it creates, every year 6 million tons of plastic disappear into the sea. That is, the plastic does not actually disappear, but rather slowly breaks down into smaller pieces. Birds and fish are being filled with everything from larger plastic bits to harmful micro-plastics. The plastic waste clean-up is underway, and everyone must take responsibility for both what we consume and how we handle the waste afterwards.
The Fish & The Plastic is a 30-minute long performance that shows the plastic waste problems and presents the audience with solutions, but wraps it all in a fun and colorful way. The topic is presented with comedy, juggling and amazing acrobatics.
When we created the show we asked ourself the following questions:


– Why does plastic end up in the ocean?
– How does this affect all living species underwater and along the coast?
– What can be done to stop this?
– How can we show this and create clear pictures!


It is our mission, that every child and grownup can answer these questions after watching our exciting, interesting, a bit sad but fun edutainment show.


We were very pleased with the performance here in Refsnes Kindergarten. An incredibly touching, fun and educational show for the kids. (Tears and goose bumps for the adults).

Managing Director, Refsnes Kindergarten, Moss (NO)

Thanks for a great performance! It fascinated both big and small. There was a good mix of different elements that made the children both engaged and excited. With famous songs, exciting acrobatics, fascinating light shows and not least an important message, time went by quickly and the children could probably have been enthralled by this performance over an even longer period of time.

Managing Director, Gråtass Kindergarten, Torp (NO)

“Both kids and adults were very pleased with the performance. It was an important message that was conveyed in a visual and exciting way. The kids said it was a really cool theater. “

Managing Director, Blomsterøya Kindergarten, Fredrikstad (NO)


Time needed for setup
Duration of the show
Time needed for teardown
Min. stage height
Min. stage width
Min. stage depth
30 min
25-30 min
20 min
2,4 metres
4 metres
4 metres

The show is a co-production between Mara & Chris and EskilBalance.