By combining the traditional slackwire with the modern slackline, Chris has created a unique act that takes the best elements from both techniques and mashes them together in a fun and cool act. There are surprises in every move when Chris balances, swings, jumps, flips and turns during the act that utilises the whole 360 degrees of a circus ring.

Duration of the act 5 min.
Time to set-up during show 4 min.
Time to take down during show 2 min.
Time to install everything in a new venue 60 min.
Time to tear everything down after show 10 min.
Anchor Points in floor 2 x 25 Kilonewton for trickline

2 x 10 Kilonewton for slackwire

Min. stage height 4,5 metres
Min. stage width 10 metres
Min. stage depth 10 metres