Yes! We just spent a week updating the website! We even made a dedicated page for our show ‘The Fish & The Plastic’ which has been a great success in Norway this year.


From ‘Passion for Ocean’ in Bergen, Norway.

We have played the show in kindergartens, festivals, museums and libraries, and the feedback so far has been fantastic. The show is ready for Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France next year, and we’re already taking booking requests. Information about ‘The Fish & The Plastic’ is available in English, French and German.


In September we premiered our newest act creation ‘Desire for Light’ in a dinner show at a theatre festival in Norway. Since the premiere we have worked on the details of the act and spent another 10 hours reprogramming some of the light sequences to make even cooler effects. The video from the premiere is available for watching below, and the act is available for hire 😉



In November and December we will again be on tour in Norway with a show for corporate Christmas parties. Check out the showreel below!